The origin of Mayhem

From Egs Mayhem

Herein lies the story of the birth of Mayhem.

The Great Crash and the Keenspot Migration

In the beginning (or at least long enough ago to be a fair facsimile for it), there was the TWC forum. And it was good. It had multiple subforums to keep the main forum from becoming cluttered - such as a forum for games and a forum for RPs. When El Goonish Shive moved to Keenspot, the vast majority of the bunnies refused to migrate, far preferring the structure of the familiar old board. Then came The Great Crash, when the TWC forum fell to the ground and did not rise. After many days of waiting, the bunnies came to realise that the forum would not be rising again any time soon, and thus the Keenspot Migration began, where the bunnies left their homeland for the only other land friendly to their traditions - the new forum at Keenspot.


The bunnies who had already moved to Keenspot were pleased. However, this massive influx came at a cost - the bunnies were a playful people, and many sought to continue their games in their new home. Soon the forum was so clogged with games and roleplays that such threads as the Holy Reaction Threads were difficult to find amongst the bedlam. One thread stood out as a symbol of the new order - carrot..? was a thread with seemingly no purpose which grew without apparent reason. And the Lord Shive announced that carrot..? must be cut down, to try to realign the forum's reason for existance back to its proper path. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but it was accepted by the bunny populace - this was Shive's land, and it was his right. But upon seeing the unhappiness his decision had wrought, Shive's heart betrayed him, and though he knew that things could not last as they were, he sought an alternative.

Mayhem's birth

Shive knew there was little else that he could do directly. So he appealed to a higher power - the Keenspot Admins. It is not for we bunnies to know what transpired in that request, but at last Shive's petition was granted, and a new forum was born, known as EGS Mayhem. Here, finally, was a place for bunnies to play to their heart's content, safe in the knowledge that their exuberance would no longer disturb the discussions of the comic that was their wellspring. The great games and RP threads were migrated and, finally, everything was at peace - somewhat insane peace in the new Mayhem forum, perhaps, but peace nonetheless.

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